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ASHOK RAMPARIA from VALSAD  on 2012-2-25 18:52:33 leaveword as following
  content we have immediate requirement of FCL of TPT AND TNBT Pl send your best offer with specification
  reply Thanks so much for you inquiry. We will send quotation ASAP! Best Regards TC Chemical
PAULO DRUMOND from Sao Paulo -Brazil  on 2011-2-15 17:48:24 leaveword as following
  content Dear Sir. Good Morning. We are a solvent based ink manufacturer in Brazil. We use tetra isopropyl titanate as a raw material for our cross linking adhesion promoter. We are looking for a new supplier. Could you please send us an offer for this product. I would also be glad if you could send us technical information for the tetrabutyl titanate, how to use it, how to process it to get a adhesion promoter and so on... Thanking you in advance Sincerely Paulo Victor Drumond Director
  reply Thanks so much for your inquiry. We will send you E-mail for detail. Best Regards TC Chemical.
Hamid Zamanzadeh from IRAN  on 2010-4-10 18:20:16 leaveword as following
  content Dear Sir, We are the manufacture of many kind of polymer films. In order to produce a kind of extrusion coating LDPE films we have a weakly film.Do you have any additive to add to LDPE which is strong it? I think Titanate coupling agent can improve our film elongation.what is your idea about it? Thanks&Best regards Hamid Zamanzadeh R&D manager (t)+983355373295
  reply Dear Mr. Hamid Zamanzadeh Thanks so much for your inquiry. We will send you e-mail for detail. Best Regards Guangbing Lu
Giancarlo Illiano Cardello from Sao Paulo - Brazil  on 2010-3-5 3:57:37 leaveword as following
  content I’m Giancarlo Illiano Cardello, Sales Manager, Chemical Engineer and Industrial Chemist of MagMa-Mix LTDA, a Brazilian enterprise specialized in sell rubber and plastic additives, polymers and machinery for the Brazilian industry of polymer. MagMa-Mix was founded by Mr. Marco Antonio Cardello, our chairman and also my father. As you can see, here in Brazil the last name is our family name. Mr. Marco Antonio Cardello worked 24 years to Uniroyal Chemical, where the last position was Latin America Sales and Technical Service Manager. He is also a Chemical Engineer and Industrial Chemist with an experience in polymer market of 32 years. MagMa-Mix Ltda is a sales agent for many Chinese companies as Meyors RBB (rubber chemicals), Shanghai 3F (fluorinated polymers), Helon Polytex (industrial fabrics), Hangzhou Keli (chlorinated PE), Hejian Lixing (ECO), Charming Silicones (Silicone rubber), Foundry Chemical (PDPB rubber chemicals), Shandong Yadong Machinery. Our philosophy of work is : loyalty, transparency, honesty. Without this tripod we cannot make business, you can call by another name, but not business. This philosophy I learned from my parents, that learned with their parents and so on. This philosophy is applied in our lives for many generations. As you can see due our names, we are a Italian family and we follows our culture rigidity even living in Brazil. My grandparents immigrated to Brazil after the II World War. This is why we like so much to work with Chinese people, because you also follows the traditions and culture. This is why we made very good friends in China. This is why we travel every year two times to visit the companies we are working in business cooperation, receiving commissions. Four years ago, we started to study titanate properties and now we are looking for a good producer in China, since we developed some customers. This is why I’m sending this e-mail claiming if we can work in business cooperation with Taichang Chemical company, being your sales agent in Brazil and as we prefer to say, we want to be your eyes, mouth and ears in Brazilian customers and we want to be customer’s eyes, mouth and ears at TaiChang Chemical. We would like to have the chance to promote your product line in Brazil. In fact, we already have a customer for a titanate that can replace Kenrich LICA-12, if you agree with our claim, we would like to know if you have this kind of titanate or if you have some indication of other kind of titanate that can replaces LICA-12. The consumption is about 3 MT/month. Thank you so much for your attention and collaboration! I’m so sorry if my first e-mail was so long, but as you say in China: Good beginning is well done! And to walk 1,000 miles it’s necessary to give the first step. My best regards and best wishes, Giancarlo Illiano Cardello Gerente Comercial/Sales Manager MagMa-Mix Ltda. phone: +55 11 2684-0113 Fax: +55 11 2791-0388 Mobile: +55 11 94304543 Skype: gian.cardello
  reply Thanks so much for your inquiry,we will send you e-mail for detail. Best Regards Guangbing Lu
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