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Titanate Coupling Agent G-6
Refer to Chinese Introduction
General description

G-6 is monoalkoxy-coupling agent and Similar to KR-12 (Kenrich Chemical Company, USA). It is light yellow to white wax solid and its melting point is 50-55.

Function & Characters

1. The product can be used to do surface modification of pigment., esp. in the polyolefine filling raw material and improve the filling quatity of the filler largely. As a result it reduces the cost.

2. It is light-color and there are no unsaturated bonds in molecular. So it is suitable for the treatment of white products.

3. It is easy to use for it doesn't need thinner.

4. It is of low price and it is easy to transport.

Range of Application

This product may be used in fillers such as light/heavy CaCO3, clay, carbon black and silica. It may be used in polyolefin system.

Usage &Dosage

Plastic Industry

charge directly solid coupling agent into high-speed kneading machine and mix with fillers (90-100). Continuously stir 5-15 minutes (depending on the stirring effect)


0.5-2.0% of the pigments or filler's weight. And recommended volume is 1.0%. The best dosage should be determined by experiment before use.


Packed in plastic bag (0.5 kg/bag) and then piled in carton or caned in plastic barrel (30 or 50 kg/barrel).


1. The different colors of the products are normal and don't influence the products' property.

2.Validity for one year (from delivery date). No water contact. Otherwise no effect.

3.The specific usage refers to TC-F.

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