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ANHUI TAICHANG CHEMICAL CO.,LTD, November 18, 2004 formally established the predecessor to Anhui Tianzhangshi organic chemical plants. To meet the fierce market competition, plant leadership resolutely decided to establish a flexible, transparent corporate system, the establishment of limited liability companies to seek long-term development. Companies in the resources and the original basis absorb new shares strengthened core competitiveness, and to expand the product range.

Anhui Tianzhangshi organic chemical plants is the original CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic titanium products, organic chemistry test base. Oulianji have years of production experience, mature technology. For many years, factories and the CAS Shanghai Institute of organic chemistry, East China Science and Technology University and other scientific research institutions in the long-term cooperation. Barium products are major differences Bingzhi 4, 40 bulletin is barium, titanium Suanzhioulianji, titanium Suanzhijiaolianji and fluorescence Zengbaiji series products. They are widely used in plastics, rubber, paint, paint, paper, oil and magnetic materials industry. Barium four different Bingzhi also a catalyst for polymers and horrify titanium industry. In the original product basis, we actively introduce new technology and expand product range.

Customer satisfaction is our commitment to the goals achieved, the win-win with our customers is our pricing principles, sincere spirit of cooperation and to the service attitude of our micro-market criteria. Advanced technology and production, quality management network to provide a strong guarantee of product quality. The Company will continue to provide you with a pragmatic attitude to the high-quality products and competitive prices.

Tianzhangshi company located in the eastern part of the territory of Anhui, Bush Nanjing, Yangzhou on East. 205 State Road level crossing in areas very convenient. Fervently hope that the presence of each friend. 2006 is our new starting point, we will, as always, continue to strengthen cooperation with friends around the world, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

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