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ANHUI TAICHANG CHEMICAL CO.,LTD, is formally established on November 18, 2004, Its predecessor Anhui Tianchang Organic Chemical Plant is established in 1998, which is the organotitanium pilot base of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry. We have been focusing on titanate products over 10 years.

At present the brands and yearly sales volume of the enterprise is in the lead of the same industry in China. Taichang Chemical manufacturer of Titanates and Zirconates, located in Anhui province of China. With a production capacity of 1,000 metric tons of primary titanates per annual.

Main products:
1.Tetra-isopropyl Titanate,Tetra-isopropoxytitanium CAS:546-68-9
2.Tetrabutyl titanate;Butyl titanate; CAS:5593-70-4.

Taking the advantage of excellent location for the supply of raw materials (titanium tetra-chloride, IPA and NBA), and with a comparatively bigger batch size of 3 metric tons of TIPT (tetra-isopropyl titanate), we have been in a very competitive position for the supply of primary titanates with a "fairly consistent quality" and a "highly competitive price".

We aslo produces three series of products: TC series of titanate coupling agent (the brands areTC-F,TC-2,TC-27,TC-3,TC-114,TC-Wt,G-2,G-6); TA series of titanate cross-linking agent (the brands are TA-9-2,TA-361,TA-13,TD-5-1)

They are widely applied in plastic industry, rubber industry, coating industry, pigment industry, papermaking industry, oil fields and magnetic material industry. And tetra-isopropyl titanate can be used in Titanium-penetration industry or be used as catalysts of polymers.

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WEB:www.tcchem.com (which mean TC Chemical,Ti Chemical or Taichang Chemical)

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