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Titanate Coupling Agent TC-2
Refer to Chinese Introduction
Technical Index:
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow viscous state
Density: (GB4472-84) D20 About 1.00g/cm3
Viscosity: (GB265-70) 20 About 250mm/s


Major Composition (Insert figure)

TC-2 is monoalkoxy-phosphate and similar to KR-12 (Kenrich Chemical Company, USA). It is surface active agent for pigment and filler and has good dispersion effect.

Range of Application

This product may be used in fillers such as light/heavy CaCO3, clay, silica and aluminum hydroxide and in pigment such as titanium white and iron oxide red. It may be used in polyolefin system (PP, PE, PVC and PS etc.) and natural rubber system, synthetic rubber system, alcohol acid system and crylic acid system.


This product may be used in resin and rubber processing to improve the inorganic fillers content. It can improve the dispersion and sedimentation resistance of paint. The pigment formed is bright-colored and easy to grind. It can be used in white and light-colored product.


0.5-2.0% of the pigments or filler's weight. And recommended volume is 1.0%. The best dosage should be determined by experiment before use.


Plastic Industry
Use liquid paraffin wax to dilute TCF (the ratio is 1:1). Then spray TCF into high-speed kneading machine and mix with fillers. Continuously stir 5-15 minutes (depend on the stirring effect) and put in resins and other assistants according to the original process.

Rubber Industry
Use 200# solvent oil or machine oil to dilute TCF (the volume of usage can be the same as the one in the original technology). Then spray TCF into high-speed mixer and mix with fillers. Continuously stir several minutes and discharge the material. Notice the heat elimination of material and avoid the material going bad.

Pigment/Coating Industry
Use 200# solvent oil or isopropyl alcohol (the ratio is 1:1) to dilute TCF and spray TCF into pigments before grinding process. After grinding you van use the original technology to process pigments.


1. No water contact.

2. Validity for one year (from delivery date).

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