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Titanate Coupling Agent TC-F
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Technical index:
Appearance: Light brown-reddish liquid
Density: (GB4472-84) D30 About 0.92g/cm3
Viscosity: (GB265-70) 30 About 60mm/s
Decomposition temperature: # >240
# Caution: After reacted with fillers or pigments the decomposition temperature can increase up to over 300


Major Composition

TCF is monoalkoxy-coupling agent and similar to KR-TTS (Kenrich Chemical Company, USA). It is a kind of good agent for surface treatment of inorganic filler and magnet particle.

Range of Application

Inorganic filler such as light/heavy CaCO3, clay, magnet particle, carbon black; polyolefin system and natural rubber system; alcohol acid paints.


TCF is applied for the treatment of inorganic fillers (Such as CaCO3, clay, carbon black, magnet particle and etc.) which are filled into polyolefin system or natural rubber system.

1) Improve inorganic filler quantity (in plastic) by a wide margin to cut down the production cost.

2) TCF can be used in compression, rolling and pressing process. And it will improve the products' aging-proof ability, reduce the products' viscosity and improve the processing property and mechanical property of the product.


0.5-2.0% of the pigments or filler's weight. And recommended volume is 1.0% of the pigments or fillers' weight. (When it is used to treat coating, the recommended volume is 3??. And the best dosage should be determined through experiments before use.


Plastic Industry

Use liquid paraffin wax to dilute TCF (the ratio is 1:1). Then spray TCF into the filler in high-speed kneading machine. Continuously stir 5-15 minutes and charge resins and other assistants in original process. The following processes are the same as the old ones.

Rubber Industry

Use 200# solvent oil or machine oil to dilute TCF (the volume of usage can be the same as the one in the original process). Then spray TCF into high-speed mixer and mix with fillers. Continuously stir several minutes (depends on the effect of the materials) and discharge the material. Notice the heat elimination of material and avoid the heated filler going bad.

Pigment/Coating Industry

Use 200# solvent oil or isopropyl alcohol (the ratio is 1:1) to dilute TCF and spray TCF into pigments before grinding process. After grinding you can use the original process to process pigments.


1. If the product is found to demix or crystal, you can heat up it under water bath and use it. And it does not influence the product's quality.

2. Validity for 1 year (from the delivery date).

3. No water contact; otherwise no effect.

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