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Titanate Coupling Agent TC-WT
Refer to Chinese Introduction
Technical index:
Appearance: Brown viscous liquid
Density: (GB4472-84) D20 About 1.11g/cm3
Viscosity: (GB265-70) 20 About 800mm/s


General description:

It is a chelate 200-type titanic acid ester and similar to KR-238S made by Kenrich Chemical Company, USA. It is a kind of surface active agent for pigment or filler, especially suitable for the treatment of high moisture containing filler or filler which use water as solvent.


1) The product is used to treat the filler of high moisture content such as wet SiO2, wet light CaCO3, and super-fine filler.

2) It is used to treat the water paint. It can improve the dispersion and sedimentation resistance of pain and easy- to-color.

3) This product may be used in magnetic material industry to improve the dispersion of magnetic particles largely and the density in the base material. As a result, it can increase the volume and quality of magnetic recorder.


Spray the coupling agent (diluted by solvent (1:1) ) into pigment in high speed mixer, after agitating for 5-15 minutes (depending on effect), discharge the material or add other auxiliary agent and carrier. In the case of grinding process, it may be added during grinding.

It is permitted to dilute and immerse the material with water, then remove moisture.

Choice of solvent

Plastic industry: liquid wax (white oil);

Rubber industry: solvent oil or machine oil;

Paint industry: solvent oil or isopropyl alcohol.


1.For the pigment treated by high speed mixer, please notice the heat elimination in the case of discharge.

2. Validity for two years (from delivery date).

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