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Titanate Cross-linking Agent TD-5-1
Refer to Chinese Introduction
Technical Index:
Appearance: Light yellow or yellow-brown liquid
Density: (GB4472-84) D20 About 1.130g/cm3
PH value: (GB7025-87) 7-9
Water soluble: (GB6324.1-86) 10:1

With the development of China's petroleum industry, the oil wells drilled need to be more and more deep. And the present fracturing fluid can't fit in with the demand of resisting high-temperature. So the Ministry of Petroleum Industry suggested the National Found Committee of Natural Science to organize the R & D job of new-type high-temperature-resisting fracturing fluid. TA series of organotitanium cross-linking agent, developed by Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, the Chinese Academic of Sciences, is a kind of important assistant of high temperature-resisting fracturing fluid. And this series of cross-linking agent was listed as important new product in the year of 1989 by the National Planing and Economy Committee, and was awarded silver medal in the Second National Exhibition of New Technologies and New Products and gold medal of Second International Exhibition (Beijing). Now this series of cross-linking agent have been used in big oil fields all over the country.


The products are applied to cross link with sesbania gum, guar gum, carboxymethyl cellulose CMC and etc.


1. The gel formed can resist high temperature and shearing force and has strong sand-carrying ability.

2. Cracking thoroughly, high discharging rate and low geological pollution.

3. Well soluble in water, easy to use, long storage term and good stability.


About 0.5-2.0% of fracturing fluid's weight. And you'd better do some experiments before using this product and take the properties of thickening agents and geological situation, then you will find out the best volume.


Determine the best pH value of gel forming through experiments. The cross-linking agent (diluted by water) will be slowly added in, stirring under normal temperature.


1. The speed of gel formation and gel quality are related to pH value.

2. Validity for 2 years (from the delivery date).

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